How to Optimize Facebook for SEO

Facebook like any other site serves also as an online advertising platform and therefore deserves the best of the strategies to achieve a higher rank in the search results page (SERP) of the different search engines i.e. Bing, yahoo or Google. Like other users too, business people also use social media for their online marketing, more so Facebook. Thus, it is important for them to learn the key tips of optimizing their Facebook pages. Many companies use SEO services to help them achieve the higher search rankings they desire, but we will catalog several tips to help you rank your Facebook page on your own.

Currently many people have learned the use of Facebook and have used Facebook pages to do their businesses. This is the main reason why you may find some pages appearing first on the search results, implying that some have customized the pages to fit SEO. Perhaps a mistake they make is to consider a Facebook page like a website. Just as much as they create greater impact through their websites, is the same way a Facebookpage can influence.

For some time now, Google has been on the move indexing the social networks and a Facebook page is not an exemption. It is obvious also that a higher search ranking may lead to advanced social sharing thus creating a network of users. Achieving the best from this page does not come by chance. It requires more of trafficking and build relationships among other things. So how can you use SEO to optimize your Facebook page? Here are easy tips to guide you:

  • Page settings

All related advertising on Facebook find their bottom line from the settings that you input at the start. For instance there is the page and your brand name (Names cannot be used to take chances). A good name forms the basis of a well self-marketing page. This implies that you must be keen while choosing the kind of wording to use that will come up with your name.

Specifically, your brand product should be the determinant of your brand name, although you can as well improvise to suit the market standards. You may also be forced to do a thorough keyword research so as to make sure you match what other competitors are using online, which could possibly be of greater use in defining a unique brand name.

On the pages too, are the categories by which you select the type of page that can fit the best of the categories. Make no mistake of fitting it to a wrong page category. This is important as it can help make your page become more visible on the social platform. There is also an allowance of up to three sub-categories that are specific to the initial category you select and this will help make more returns and accurate results.

  • The ‘About section’

You should make sure that the about section relating to your page is completely filled. This section unlike other sections of the page offers lots of opportunities for SEO. All it needs is a descriptive and informative data that outlines the best in respect to your brand although you must be keen with your key wording. Moderate the number of keywords in this section; do not overload the page with the keywords and avoid limiting yourself on the keywords. Due to mass copying of keywords, Google is currently turning away from keywords and is now looking on how natural you are in your content.

Also, make sure that your addresses are complete and accurately filled in. This is important in giving you a high rank in the search results.

  • Quality content

Content is not just any collection of information ready to be shared out to the public. However much you may try making nice returns from a Facebook page, with poorly contained content you will be out of the plan. As a result, you will find it hard to win more visitors to your page.

The least you can do to save your trust and get connected every time is by creating content that is specific to your purpose and is well designed to fit your targets. Sharing content that is of high quality implies that you move up the ladder especially in social marketing.

Also, make sure that your content is credible and relevant, to earn you an extra place in the ranking of your page. On Facebook, there are special actions that give you a better way to link up as well as making good connections out of them. These are actions involving sharing, commenting and liking as well as tagging. These actions impact positively in the metrics related to calculation of terms in Google while making your page rank higher amongst search results. All you need to do is simply make sure that you instruct content with purpose which in turn imparts trust to your online audience.

As you do this, you will have promoted your page in greater ways you could not possibly imagine. The good thing to note is that when people like and interact with your content, it represents a strong brand. Also the more you connect with people in every direction of interaction, the more the chances of your page becoming more viable and productive.

  • Customize your URL

On signing in on Facebook, there comes the URL that is auto generated by the system. This kind of URL is never good to settle for. Instead, you can easily make your personal address and link it up with your brand name. As for this course, you should make your URL simple and memorable.

Now matching your URL with the brand name gives you more strength for brand recognition. Personalizing your content actually pays well by improving the visibility of your page, whether on Facebook or on other search engines.

  • Facebook updates

It is always known that the first characters of each Facebook post form the Meta title (Usually first 18 characters) and the Meta description in the search results pages. Thus, in case you put a post on Facebook, upload pictures or share your content and make sure you do it with a niche. This gives you an added advantage as you can adjust the content and improvise whenever you feel like, but once the post reaches out to the online audience you are restricted.

  • New features on Facebook

Like other sites, Facebook releases new features on daily basis. Some of these features are key in helping you achieve your goal; making your online business easier to use. To make sure that you are never left behind by the upcoming features, always make sure that you keep an up-to-date info on any new features that emerge. There may be some buttons within the page that may help you link up or see you through advancing in terms on content.